Monday, February 22, 2010

I don't have the real pictures back yet. We are having so much fun. More of an adjustment then I thought. Just the sharing of space and figuring out where and what to keep. We had a beautiful shower with the church yesterday. It was so fun. My girlfriend sold her bedroom suite with a king bed set. I am loving setting up house, feeling like a newly wed.
Lillian is so precious. Glenn and I get to keep her on Friday nights while they both work. We had a great time with her. I am off to take things back and return things. Monday is my alone day. I don't go to work till 3:30. Then I work till 10 or so. Nice to have a day to myself. I can't wait to share the pictures with you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We rented a jeep for the day. The other side of the island is so different. Lava rocks that the water shoots up through, we drove all day and just stopped at new beaches. One little road goes all around the island. Then we went down town. We have enjoyed each other so much. I would only wish we had a few more days. It goes so fast and now we are talking of what we need to do when we ghet home. I am excited for Glenn to get to stay and us not go back and forth. For Glenn not to be staying in my bed cause he is so big and me in Samuels room or MOllie and I staying together. I liked that part. ALso I love Samuels room. You know what I mean to get to got to bed with him and wake up and him be there. For us to start planning things we wnat to o together. WHn I am home I will put up some great pictures.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The wedding was perfect. It could not have been better for me. I keep reliving it all in my mind. Glenn and I are now at a gorgeous resort on Cozumel Island. Glenn has never been to the ocean nor has he been out of the country. He is loving it. It's an all inclusive place so we never think of oh we need to go out and find dinner. The beach is perfect. This morning we had a massage on the beach. Glenn had never had a massage so I think I enjoyed that more then my actual massage. He thought that was the coolest thing.
The only bad thing is that when I had my toes done on the wedding day my foot got cut by the lady. It killed me the evening when dancing. Now it is seeming to be worse. Yulk. Hard to keep a bandage on and clean. I am trying.
Tomorrow we are going on an ATV ride. I want to rent a scooter It's like 35 dollars for the day, There is only one road around the island I am telling Glenn I know that we won't get lost. Everyone is wondering what things have we learned about each other, he is not very fond of the ocean yet. Laying on the beach today he asked if there were sharks near here. I so wanted to lye and say of course not, they aren't in this part of the ocean. No snorkeling yet. He loves the pool.
He looked so handsome in his ca khi's and button down.
It seems like he is grasping that I don't require sleep like him and I like to go. I lay there in bed as quiet as i can. We crashed early tonight and I had to get up and do something. So here I am catching you up on my beautiful journey. I will say I wish so bad that both our children were all here. We would still have such fun just the two of us but both of us would love to enjoy watching them. You hate to get to experience something so wonderful, and not get to share it.
I looked at my dress hanging the next morning and thought oh no I wore it already, pooh. I wanted to relive it all again.
love to all of you. I tried tonight to get my pictures off the camera onto this computer but couldnt get it done. I am going to get help later in the day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The hospital pictures are so precious. Donna I wanted you to get to look at them.
Then the password is 1213lillianhope

I just can't stand it I like her so much. Cara is doing a great job. I think her milk should be in anytime. The look of love in Michaels eyes are so tender. I am so crazy that I think I am in just do mode. I have so much hair to do. I am thankful that I love it and can work so well under pressure. I don't really get to think Christmas till the 24th. People are calling and saying they need in. Right. Like that would work. I think it has caught most off guard. Sorta snuck up on us. I have been taking appt since Sept Oct for the Christmas time. End of Jan beginning of Feb is my slowest months. Perfect for a wedding. I will think of that after the new year. I am very excited to get to marry him.
If you have any great ideas for all inclusive vacation places let me know 314-452-5552 We don't really care where just so ew get to be with each other for a week. Beach and warm.
Enjoy the holiday and remember what is the reason for the season. It is eay for me to put that aside.
I wish could help with the baby more but will be able to after the trip to Houston. Mol, Glenn and I did go by last night.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lillian Grace 16 lb. 15 oz. It was so incredible. Michael and I cried at the fact that Mike was not there. He would have been so proud of him. Michael and Cara did such a great job. Glenn went with me. He is so supportive. He will be the only grandpa Lillian has. He has been waiting on pins and needles with me. Feels so blessed to be a part of all of it. Takes it so serious, getting me there and waiting the whole time with me. I am very grateful for him. I am exhausted, I am a grandma which is mind boggling, how on earth can that be true. I am feeling like a young women getting ready to be married. I am so thrilled that I am one though. Mollie and I were just here thinking how is this true.
Here is their address, I was asked to put it in the blog. Cara Shuff is the moms name.
Michael Hope
6447 Alamo apt 2e
Clayton, mo 63105

Samuel gets home from school on the 16th, I know he is eager to see his little niece.
I am in awe of Gods wonder. Truly you see his majesty there.
I am on cloud nine. Cara did a fabulous job, thankful for how well she took care of heself.
Make a great day. What a perfect Christmas for the Hope's

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We are eagerly waiting our baby to come. If Cara doesn't go into labor by Saturday they are going to induce her. I am so excited to meet this little person. Michael is absolutely darling to watch with the soft clothes and getting the babies room ready.
I am making wedding plans, some great friends have been so helpful, I was struggling with getting comfortable with where it is and feeling great about getting to have things I want, not just settling and getting on with it. Debbie even asked me "what words do you think of when you see the wedding" wow hadn't even thought of any, just getting married. I now am so pumped about what can be done with the place. I am just as excited about all the cousins coming and my two sisters are going to come the week before and help. Sharon, Harold and Fred will be coming, it will be awesome.
Hope you are enjoying the holiday hub bub.
The wind has been like 45 to 50 with freezing temperatures, now that has been really yulky to me. I haven't started shopping, well I did get mollie something and then she saw it.
I am having Glenns mom and step father and son over for dinner tonight. Brandon hasn't met Matt yet. I can't believe I get another son. He is a really sweet guy. 19 going to college. I was just glad Glenn didn't have a girl. I don't think that would have worked really well. Mollie can so take another brother, don't know how a sister would have gone.
Love to you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Donna, I still can't get my email up. I have struggled not being able to communicate with you. Grateful Mary Beth has written to you for me. I love you and look so forward to Glenn getting to know you and Ed and the kids.

Good morning, much has been going on. The crazies and the great. My computer and internet has been on the blink. It makes me nuts because Mollie's is working.
I had tension with a lump I found on my right breast, when I went in they were concerned with the left. Much testing done the then the procedures to have done on each breast. Also I have a tumor on the adrenal gland. Anyway all is good. Praise, by personality I think all the way through to the worst scenario then resolve with God ok I know you can help me do this so ok. Then I back back up to the today. The journey in my mind was exhausting. For the kids I know it was tough. They were awesome. So laying on the sofa Tues before the procedures Glenn kneels down and says sweet things, He usually does so I didn't right off get what he was doing. He said if the tests come out negative he wouldn't want me to ever wonder would he have asked me if they had been positive. He asked me to marry him. Boobs or no boobs, cancer or no cancer he was in for our lives. I said yes cried and was so very grateful that GOd had given to him to me.
He is an incredible man. Harold, Sharon and Fred like him, for that I was then at peace about. The big guys said they were really happy for me congrats and that he is a good man. Mollie has struggled. Samuel hasn't said much. I can't imagine what they are going through to see me with him. Glenn is the one who keeps reminding me how hurt MOllie is for a man to be in our house. He has such a tender heart.
I will tell a funny, Fred asked me if I had Really told Glenn about me. I said I tried and that he is just too in love and can't hear. Fred said maybe I should talk to him. I said no way I didn't need any favors. He was talking about my energy etc. I sure other things also. I laughed so hard.
Glen and I took tests on the computer that our pre-marriage counselor sent us. It took literally a few hours to fill out. We each did it on our own and then send it in. We were like rock stars even our counselor was amazed. Now our counselor is a friend of MIke and mine for more then twenty five years. Every once in while I see his eyes twinkle with laughter that Glenn has not idea what he is getting into. He has not been married for a very long time. He has one son who lives with his mother he is 19 and a great guy. We meet with Steve after our bible study on Wed nights for an hour, I am so thankful for this time. To work on our marriage is so important to me. I am really scared have anxiety every once in a while like I cant believe I am doing this. It is so different choosing a mate in the later years. I want someone to grow old with like the same things and who wants to love grand-babies (did It again I am to be a Nanna in like 4 weeks) He has his own big vegetable garden knows how to can, cooks and can fix anything. (ok he reads manuals) He loves to talk and tell stories, and is a wonderful servant. He is a union welder and will have to commute 45 minutes. He has worked with this company for 21 years.
We are getting married the 6th of February. 12 weeks away. I thought we should just go to the justice of the peace. He said he wanted me to come down the isle to him. Also thought it is good for the kids to see us have this so special, its all special and a commitment no matter what your age. Hasn't taken me long to get on board I love a good party. Both of our families will make a good evening. I texted Jesse my nephew and he wrote me back that he was so happy for me and it would have to be something huge for him not to be there. I will love all of them also seeing Michael's baby. He and Cara are doing really well. I adore Glenn's mom. Her faith reminds me of my mother so much. It is so good for me to be around her. I miss Mom Hope so much and my mother has been gone for so long. I like her husband of 31 years also. Glenn's dad live just two blocks from his house. The work on things together and have a good relationship. His dad taught him how to fix so many things. If it is fixable why ever get a new one. (clearly that will be a problem with us) but workable.
Don't know what else to say, I am very happy and so in love, I wonder how in the world I get to be in love twice. That GOd would give me someone so wonderful for the first 25 years of life and now I get to start a new life with another great man. I just say thank you and don't have to get why I am so blessed.
Kiss hug love on those you love, I am continually reminded how precious life is.

Brandon was at the restaurant he works at when a man had a hear attack, it was absolutely horrible, Brandon said he so know what it looks like for life to leave a person and he said he knew right when it happened. People tried to revive him. He was dead when ambulance got there. Bless their hearts. Michael was there too. They are both going to go and learn cpr. They felt like if people had known how to do it right maybe he would have lived. All of that going on when I was waiting.
We are constantly being reminded that life if so very fragile.

I am so grateful for you friends that have been on this journey of life and death and now love, thank you so much.